Louis Vuitton Monogram Shawl

R Updated October 16, 2018
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Quality: 7/10 - Its soft and quite lightweight. For some reason I was thinking that this shawl would be thicker, correct me if I'm wrong. The monogram stitching is clean and distinguishable enough, but the shawl is lacking the sheen that allows the monogram to really pop. Take my rating with a grain of salt. I've only seen an authentic at close range in beige but other than that I'm just comparing from photos. For the price though, this really is bang for your buck.

Accuracy: 6/10 - I haven't examined this shawl too closely, just a first impression approximation. The material is soft and quite lightweight. My assumption however is that it doesn't live up to auth quality (-1). The fraying is a little messy on one side (-1) but this is an easy fix with some scissors. The main issue for me is that it looks a bit dull and lacks the sheen that allows the monogram to pop (-1). There is a branded tag, but it's not correct from what I can see in photos (-1) but is easy to hide unless someone is wanting to get handsy. And other than that, the monogram seems correct at first glance, and the logo thickness is good!

Happiness: 10/10 - I love this. Though the monogram doesn't shine through, I prefer that it's subtle. This shawl really steps up a simple outfit and I'm totally in love.