Dion Lee Twist Shoulder Tank

R Updated October 16, 2018
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Quality: 9/10 - It has a nice thickness to it and is soft. The stitching to join the twisted bands is messy and very visible which is disappointing because that's the focal point. Other than that, the stitching is clean, and no loose threads. I haven't worn it enough to see piling though.

Fit: I love the simple twist to this top (ha-geddit). It sits slightly on the smaller side for me and there is something about the cut that makes your upperbody/shoulder area looks masculine. I believe it's because the length of the straps are quite short and don't help elongate your body. Looking back at the official model photos, I notice it but because of the shorter straps it's even more accentuated. I have wide shoulders for my frame, but I'll probably be looking to try my luck again in a size up!

Accuracy: 8/10 - The messy shoulder stitching being quite obvious is a bit of a downer for me (-1), and the straps should be much more relaxed and less chunky (-1) . Overall the design seems mostly on point, it's a simple top. My item didn't come with branding, but I won't deduct a point because it seems like they might offer it - I just forgot to ask.

Happiness: 7/10 - Size up! I will still wear this out, but you need to wear a bra that makes you feel flat. I might try my luck and order another. Fingers crossed!