Dion Lee Evening Rib Top

R Updated October 16, 2018
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Quality: 8/10 - I'm not sure what material it's made from but it's sturdy, has stretch and is breathable. It's a very simple top with a nice subtle texture to it. The only criticism I have is that the straps are a little filmsy/long, and so the top relies more on the body piece to stay in place.

Fit: Dion Lee is one of those brands for people with flat chests, tall and and have great frame because the clothes don't have much structure (in my opinion anyway). In saying that, I felt like my ta-tas were hanging out for the world to see, so I had to take off my bra mid-work day and shove tissues down my top to avoid any raisin smuggling ... Other than that and the emphasis of my shoulders (which all thin strap tops do) the fit is cute, and sits just above my belly button. Great for pairing with high waisted items!

Accuracy: 9/10 - At a glance this top is so plain that unless you're fluent in Dion, you wouldn't recognise it. The beauty is in the details of the contrast in texture. This top seems pretty accurate, from the direction of the ribbing to the long straps and seams. The auth is polyester, and I'm sure this doesn't venture far. This didn't come with branding though (-1).

Happiness: 10/10 - This is a great top for summer, or even for layering. It was cheap, and I have a lot of high waisted skirts, so this a nice addition to my wardrobe. Very happy chappy!