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Alexander Wang Vinyl Meltdown Cropped Sweatshirt

R October 10, 2018
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350.00 ¥

Quality: 10/10. This is the nicest sweatshirt I've ever had. It's thick and warm, and best of all, the cuffs don't stretch out and get saggy. I am not an athleisure person. I never wear cropped things, because I am approximately 70% torso. I love this thing; it hangs perfectly, and I wore it all weekend. (excuse any pet hair in my photos.) The color IRL is like the auth photos, but came out too bright in my photos. The flocked graphic is precise and super-soft. If you buy this, you will find yourself absently rubbing your upper bust and wondering how the tactile combo of dog's ears and the closed-comedone-laden forehead of a spotty teen can work so well together.

Accuracy: 10/10. This is from a previous season, so I don't expect I'll come across the auth in person... but I can't imagine the auth could be any different. Tags look correct; material composition is correct; stitching color is correct.

Satisfaction: 10/10. I love it. Other sellers had a cheaper version, but the graphic looked rough and jagged. The one I got is OOS in this color, but there are other sellers who still have it (for a slightly higher price).