Alexander Wang Ruched Knit

R Updated October 16, 2018
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Z STUDIO 张大宝定制


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Quality: 8/10 - For the price, this is a nice soft and stylish top. The quality is better than I expected and so far the knit hasn't piled. I haven't thrown it in the washing machine though, so I'm not sure how it'll hold up.

Fit: It sits nicely and would be an aus size 6, but there is room to stretch!

Accuracy: 0/10 - I don't believe they make this style in black (that I can find anyway) and even so, the material is supposed to be merino wool, and so the texture of the fabric is vastly different. Also the stitching along the pull strings is very wrong. I wouldn't say this is Alexander Wang top if someone asked.

Happiness: 8/10 - for the price, this is a great stylish piece that is versatile enough to wear to work or a night out. How tight you pull on the strings is relative to the hoe% you want to be for the night. Easy to dress up or down.