Saint Laurent Palm Tree Sweater

M October 19, 2018
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I've been after this SLP sweater for a long time with little to no luck finding a good rep at a reasonable price. It's a difficult print to get right as its suppose to be blocky, like a compressed JPG image, while matching it with a high quality soft wool blend. Most cheap reps get it wrong by making the print size too large and with ugly, blocky grey blobs behind the trees. And often its printed on a low quality blank.

RichChigga, a known SLP rep seller on Taobao, has had it up for sale for some time but having waited months, and ordered it twice, he never shipped. This new seller, who uses the exact same product photos as RichChigga shipped this to me - After 3 weeks wait time with zero communication. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just RichChigga under a different store name. But it's finally here.

And this looks good in my opinion. I've added both retail photos and my warehouse photos courtesy of Superbuy. The material looks really good, even if I obviously need to hold this in my hands to get a batter sense of the blend. However, the shoulders are more narrow than what the size chart said. This is a large and while it seems to match up with the measurements printed, the shoulders are 41cm when they should be 46cm. I will double check with Superbuy to see if needs to be stretched out. I don't have much choice though since this is the largest size and I'm a 184cm, 74kg guy.

Size: Large. Shipped after 3 weeks. Weight: 304grams.