Dior Low-top trainer

R October 10, 2018
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Quality: 8.5/10 The quality of the shoes are good but definitely not as clean and careful made compared to the auth. There are some glue marks and the rubber on some parts against canvas is not super clean and exact. The inside stamping on one side is a bit wonky and not as crisp as the auth. The nice thing is they are lined with "leather" (unsure if they are leather but feels like it. Shoes smell like canvas.)

Accuracy: 8.5/10 I saw the auth at my local Nordstrom and they look pretty darn close. The lining of the shoe matches, hardware is the right tone, and the shoe strings look practically identical and the sole appears to be the correct height and imprint. Knocking a point where the rubber and canvas meet at the top of the shoe - it's not a straight across but wobbles a bit. Also knocking half a point for the inside stamping and unknown material as shoe liner.

Happiness: 10/10 For being about the same price as Van's these have more flex! I am not bothered about the minor quality and accuracy issues since its hard to tell once you are wearing them. They are comfy but a bit heavy similar like Van's. I went with a 40 and they fit a bit loose but think if I opted for 39 they would be too tight. I really like these shoes because these are similar to shoes I had in the late 90s (I'm old)

Seller/agent: 9/10 Superbuy - No communication. I use them because it's easy to add funds and process. They may not be the cheapest option but perhaps the easiest. I will have to say their weight estimate sucks and their PSP are with a potato camera.