Bally Maella Loafer

R September 09, 2018
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sheii苏茵茵 低调做鞋子
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Quality: 10/10 I'm in love, again. Leather is impeccable, shoes are well made and most importantly, it is a true EU40, US size 9. It is definitely not cheap shoes, I picked the cheaper style but their other styles are around $60-70. I really think the leather is beautiful and I don't mind spending more for this quality.

Accuracy: 10/10 never saw in real life but it's not branded.

Satisfaction: 12/10

Service/communication: 10/10. I was really really worried that I'm spending this much on a pair of shoes from China, while I can spend the same amount and try on shoes in US. What draws me to this store is that they have photos of how they construct each shoe, from drawing, cutting leather to the final fit. They also have really great reviews with many photos from customer. While Google translate didn't exactly convey the beautiful writing of Chinese customer, I got the gist that "wow, the shoes run big" from some, "wow, this is true sz 40, not some BS Chinese 40" from some. Then I spoke to the seller on Aliwangwang to confirm. She told me that they use EU sizing, and if my feet were really 25.5cm, I should fit their 40. As a brave soldier, I decided to get a pair because I just have a really good vibe. Turn out, it was a lucky choice and I will return to buy more shoes from her. Currently eyeing the row dupe and another bally dupe. I highly highly recommend this store. Note that their biggest woman size is only 40 tho. Sorry for 41+ sister :(