Airmax 270

R April 20, 2018
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This is my absolute favorite item from this haul, they look absolutely authentic to me (I don't have an authentic comparison other than different nike designs and online pics of 270's). There are two frayed stitches but other than that easy fix, I see no faults in the manufacturing. The fit is wonderful! When walking in them they feel bouncy in the heel, and almost as if they're not touching the ground. I can't begin to express how light they feel or how comfortable the fit is, I'm very impressed.The fact that there is no tongue in the shoe design makes the fit form to the shape of your foot and eliminates any possible discomfort in that area, when you push your foot into the shoe it still stretches with you.

I am size 8au womens so it works out generally that I'm a 6au in mens, this is the size I ordered as I was unsure with sneakers, and luckily they are absolutely TTS! The white and blue are both bright and clean and the various materials used in this design feel great. All in all the shoes feel sturdy, like they will last a long time (comfort included) and they look authentic, so I can't fault this purchase.

They are a pleasure to walk in, you can feel with every step the soft bounce under your feet as if you're walking on pillows, very nice on the sole! ((SO SORRY ABOUT PHOTO QUALITY, UPLOADING WASHED OUT LOGOS/NIKE TICKS, FOR ANYONE NEEDING BETTER PICS I CAN SEND THEM TO YOU))