SLP 5 Zipper Pants

R September 20, 2018
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I saw another user’s post on this sub, and I fell in love with it immediately. I compared the denim code to a retail D02 at Barney’s and they look similar enough. The feel is also almost the same. But still the D02 beats the quality of these jeans. But for 1/6 the price, I’m not complaining. All the zippers and such are SLP branded. I would say the tag is pretty accurate, but honestly though unless you’re getting 1:1 succ no one’s going to pull down your pants and LC the tag.

I honestly doubt no one’ll ever call you out because this piece is really lowkey and I’m pretty sure no one even knows these are SLP. For the reason being they aren’t the more famous biker jeans that SLP offers. These are for sure quite high quality and I can foresee them last a long while.

The only retail I could find was this video, so I can’t really compare it too hard. I think for the most part the zippers are places correctly.

I would say go TTS with this.