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Rag & Bone Step Hem Capri Jean

R October 16, 2018
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169.00 ¥

Quality: 6/10 - The quality of these don't live up to the frame pair I purchased. They're much thinner, and don't have as much flexibility. They do stretch over time, but it seems like it doesn't go back. Not sure if I'm being a tight ass, but in light of my other items, I'm disappointed and was expecting better for the price.

Fit: I would say this is definitely a size 24 (their table measurements are the same as a 24, but say 25). The calf area is super tight, and with minimal flexibility it can be uncomfortable. Now, my calves are very small, and I feel the squeeze. If you're thinking about purchasing these, I would check.

Accuracy: 8/10 - I couldn't find the exact pair with the same jaggered cut at the bottom, but it seems close to the Step Hem Capri search results. It comes with seemingly accurate branding, along with the Rag and Bone symbol on the back pocket. I'm deducting points because the quality of denim feels cheap (-1) and there's minimal elasticity (-1) which I feel is important in denim. I haven't owned an auth, but I'm sure the quality is much better.

Happiness: 4/10 - disappointing purchase, but I'll still get a few wears out of it. Hopefully it might go back to its original form once thrown in the wash, but I'm doubtful. Will probably go into the bin after a short while.