SLP Teddy Jacket

R September 20, 2018
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The statement piece of my entire haul. I bought these off another user on BST. They are a batch made by Radiation Homme. AFAIK, most other reps, this one included, replicated the FW13 Teddy Jacket, which looks something like this: (I’m assuming this one’s legit.) The shape and fit of the 2013 teddy is boxier while more recent ones are more hourglass shaped.

This piece is for sure, for sure not 1:1. Not even close. I tried on size 48 at different SLP boutiques and Barneys. The quality on retails are insane. The inside lining is soft as hell, and everything just screams quality. The interior of retail is made from silk, but most reps aren’t silk lined. The wool is densely knitted with a rough texture.

On the jacket itself, the wool does feel quality, but it is a bit different from retail which has a rough wool texture, this one has a more soft texture. While it is true that SLP uses a different wool blend every season, I can still guarantee the texture will not be the same. However, the jacket is very comfortable, and is high quality. It does look the part when looking at it from far away.

I also subjected the wool to the burn test, and It does seem like the wool is real wool and is not made from Acrylic/oil- based fiber. For those unfamiliar with the burn test:

I would say its TTS or down a size, as I wear a 48 in retail teddy.