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Saint Laurent Teddy Baseball Jacket (Reondistrict version)

M Updated June 28, 2018
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Courtesy of Reddit user WesternDetails:

I bought Reondistrict's Teddy jacket as it's pretty much the only YSL item I'm interested in that there isn't decent enough retail-reps of (Story et Fall/From the First scratches my boot fetish, Falcon Garments is more than enough for leather jackets etc.) so I want to preface this with saying I'm not interested in passing this off as retail, I'll include accuracy because this is a rep sub and I want to generate good quality content, but will focus on the quality of the materials and construction etc.

I also want to mention the staff at Reon, they're crazy helpful and respond at all times of the day no matter how stupid your question is. I originally ordered this in a 48 after measuring my shoulders, but looking at photos around here and stats of the users posting them I thought I should have probably ordered a 46. I originally ordered this jacket on the 27th, and didn't realise until the 28th. After noticing I saw my order was still processing and emailed them asking if it was possible to ship me a 46 instead. They got back to me quickly and told me that was fine, and they'd swap my order out with no issues. It's worth noting that it didn't update on their website, or any emails confirming shipment etc (still said they were shipping a 48) but I emailed again and they clarified that their system just hasn't updated and they did in fact send me a 46. This goes above and beyond the customer service I expected and wanted to preface everything with that to assure people who might be ordering for the first time.

So, as mentioned, I placed my order on Sunday 27th. It was shipped on the 30th, which accounting for the Bank Holiday Monday and a day for me changing my size, is more or less next day shipment. They estimated delivery to arrive before the end of Tuesday 5th but arrived on the afternoon of Friday 1st, which is a fast, five day turnaround.

After paying import tax which was £18 and shipping which was £20ish, with the exchange rate at the time, I paid just over £200 for the jacket by the time it got to me.


The wool is stiff and coarse, but not in a bad way. It feels exactly as a vintage varsity jacket would. it's also incredibly warm. I couldn't wear this with anything other than a t-shirt, and I live in the UK so it's not the warmest here.

The Lining:

The lining is soft, but isn't anything to write home about. feels nice to the skin.

The Leather:

Leather is lambskin, and seems nice enough quality. I can't see any veins or defects, though there are some creases but that is to be expected, even on something like the retail teddy.

The Ribbing:

The ribbing is a very loose knit (stretches out easily) which is fine, though I'll be interested to see how it holds up over time. The off white detailing is seamless with the rest of the knit and looks good. It's not scratchy on the back of my neck like some people have noticed, though it isn't a breathable material so does get very hot on your neck and wrists.

The Buttons:

The Buttons aren't anything to write home about either, they do rattle but not when done up (I'd never wear it done up to be honest)


The hand pockets are super shallow, and there obviously isn't any stitching down the placket as your fingers sit between two of the buttons when you put your hand in. It's enough to keep your hands warm but you couldn't put anything in them without losing it. The inside pocket however is deep and has a button closure like on the retail jacket which is nice.

General Construction:

I'll be honest, I was worried about the construction of the shoulders with the wool trim in between the panels of leather, but it actually looks very good. It does have lower armholes than I'd like, but this doesn't really bother me as low armholes are usually found on varsity jackets anyway. The ribbing on the bottom seems a little too tight for the wool which makes it bulge out towards the bottom, again this is pretty common on these types of jackets (as well as bombers etc.) and this could also loosen up over time. There was no "factory smell" that I know others have commented on. To give you an idea of overall quality, if I saw this in a highstreet store I'd expect to pay anything between £100 and £120 for it, though I understand that you pay almost double that due for the design and label etc.

SIZING My stats:-

Height: 5"9 - 5"10

Weight: 140 - 150lbs

Going into this I was particularly concerned about the fit of the shoulders. The fit has to be right here as the leather detailing draws attention to it and can really highlight a bad fit.

So I originally measured up a well fitting denim jacket, which pointed me in the direction of a 48, however after reading reviews around here, I found a guy that was taller and heavier than me who said a 46 fit him perfectly, and as I understood this jacket fits boxy (as it's based on the F/W13 version) I emailed reon and asked them to ship me a 46 instead. This was a mistake. The shoulders are a little tight which can make the sleeves ride up.

Go TTS on this, the size charts are accurate so base your order on the shoulder measurements from this rather than anecdotal advice from others.

I'm not going to return for an exchange, as the shipping and import tax wouldn't be worth the slight change in size imo, especially as I'm not sure how much bigger around my torso the 48 would be. I'm open to trading with someone if anyone has a 48 and is looking to size down though, but I'm happy enough with this to keep it for now.

ACCURACY Just a note, I've never handled retail.

The wool still looks the wrong texture, but is good from a distance. The pocket placement looks fine, as does the off-white detailing on the ribbing. It was shipped with two Saint Laurent tags in the pocket even though I did not ask for them (people often say you need to request them with reon, I don't think this is the case) and there is a pre-stitched tag inside too. As mentioned before, the buttons do rattle as well. There is a silver snake chain stitched inside the collar. It's a nice detail but I'm not sure I'd trust it to hold the weight of the jacket

I'm not sure of any other common Teddy flaws, but that covers the ones I hear about a lot. If anyone has any questions I'll be happy to answer them.

EDIT: Someone DM'd me about the texture of the wool, I added an extra photo link below which has some close up pictures, as you can see it doesn't have the correct waffleknit texture, but it does have a crosshatch stitch which looks accurate from afar and has a nice feel to it.

THOUGHTS I'm pretty happy with this jacket despite my issue with sizing, which was 100% my fault, and reon did everything they could during the pre (and post) order process to help me out with that, the cost to exchange just isn't worth it to me right now (again, I'm open for trades if anyone's interested). I'm probably going to run this one into the ground while I save for retail, as I'd prefer the slimmer fit of the current season, and if I replace it with another rep I'll be pushing £500 which is a third of the price of a retail jacket.

If anyone is looking for a cheap(er) alternative to retail while still looking for a solid jacket I'd say this is probably the best you'll get.