Burberry Garbadine Trench

R October 16, 2018
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Quality: 9/10 - This really is a beautiful trench coat. The iridescent glow on the material is absolutely stunning. The outer material feels a good 'thick', and is water repellant! Metal decal are very solid and well made and the engravings on the buttons are clean and bright. However I will say that the inside lining feels a little on the filmsy side

Fit: It's a bit of an oversize fit on me, again my frame is quite small so it'd probably fit someone else amazing, but I'm a little on the fence with this trench. I was really looking forward to this one, so I feel a little let down in that I know I probably won't wear it as much as I thought. From photos, I believe it is supposed to be quite large, but it looks more on the 'i-bought-the-wrong-size-because-it-was-on-sale' side rather than 'intentionally-oversized-because-fashun' side of things.

Accuracy: 7/10 - The glaring issues with this is that the main tag on the inside is missing (-1) and there's supposed to be holes punctured in the belt (-1). Again, the inner lining feels slightly on the filmsy side and also looks a tad light (-1). But honestly, everything on the outside looks amazing otherwise. There was a Repladies user here who posted the same trench with full branding, so you just need to be pushier.

Happiness: 9/10 - Again the iridescence is gorgeous, and if they came in a smaller size I'd be right on it again, but unfortunately this is the smallest they have. I'll probably consider selling this because it won't get enough use, or get it tailored...

Superbuy communication: 5/10 - I asked for 'Burberry' branded in the initial order, and when it first arrived my heart sunk when I saw 'Bamanny'. No worries, contacted them asking for an exchange, again highlighting that I wanted 'Burberry'. The agent went away and said everything was sorted. When the jacket arrived again, they had just removed the tag on the garment and resent it. Not what I wanted, but I couldn't be bothered having to send it back again.