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Umkao is a budget sneakers store that sells counterfeit and rep products of brands like Air Jordan, Adidas, Off-White, Nike, and more. While Umkao does sell on Taobao, it is not a public store which means you have to contact the seller directly (via WeChat) to get the store/product link so you can order the desired item. Many of the popular product replicas are offered by the seller, including kids’ shoes. You can browse their entire product line on Yupoo or here on China Haul.

UMKAO store screenshot
In terms of replication quality, the products justify their pricing. Keep in mind that Umkao is a budget seller so, considering the price range, you can expect the sneakers to have some flaws. That’s why most of the product line of the store includes kids’ shoes as for them, replicas are an ideal budget choice. Overall, Umkao is a good budget seller that has a decent selection of counterfeit sneakers. The ordering process is not seamless, so using an agent like Superbuy, Ytaopal, or Cssbuy is recommended.

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June 20, 2021
  • Nike
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