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Specializing in replica sneakers, Kickwho is a popular Chinese fashion store with a good reputation of offering quality products at reasonable prices. When it comes to sneakers, Kickwho focuses on replicating products of brands like Off-White, Yeezy, Air Jordan, Dunk, Adidas, Balenciaga, etc. Apart from this, the store also offers clothing items. Some of the brands it focuses on in this category include Palm Angels, Off-White, Travis Scott x Utopia, Nike, AMIRI, Balenciaga, and more. You can browse the entire selection of products on the official website.

Kickwho is the owner and the main producer of H12 factory which has a solid reputation of manufacturing high-quality replica sneakers. On the r/Repsneakers Reddit community, Kickwho is a preferred seller of many users mainly because of product quality and excellent customer service. The product replication accuracy is also pretty good considering the price. Using PayPal when placing order is recommended as the store had an issue with a credit card recently.
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Note that China Haul rarely list items from the store due to them selling directly to consumer.