Messika Romane Move Bangle

R Updated September 11, 2018
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Quality: 10/10 might change if quality drops after a couple of shower. It is silver with Cz stone. has Messika 925 engraved.

Accuracy: 10/10 it fits my wrist, stone moves, I never saw auth (and neither did a lot of people) hence high rating

Satisfaction: 12/10 Love this bracelet. Stone moves like it is supposed to. A bit big for my wrist but it's fine. Link said it is silver w CZ stone. I didn't tell seller to ship wo packaging so he shipped with a box for the jewelry (white one). I personally don't use this so probably just gonna throw it, but it's in a nice enough box for a present. Also came with a tester card but not sure what for. Did I mention I love this bracelet????

Service/communication: I actually spoke to this seller to ask what stone it is, and he sent me a photo that he included in the page. So normally I would have been like WTF, but thanks to u/dodon4e guide on Microsoft Transaltor, I translated it beautifully and said ok. Purchased!

Story time: The RL review linked above got me fired up for some bling bling. Seriously thank you so much u/GlobalAvocado1 for introducing me to the brand Messika. Now, I like to flex but got no dough so I am not asking Wenzhi or Li for some custom orders. I actually spoke to Wenzhi and asked if he can do silver and moissy and he was like "NO, we don't do moissy cuz our customers might doubt us". So that's that. At the same time, I'm in love with my Cartier ballon bleu in SS so I feel weird to wear white and yellow on the same hand. Another thing is that plated gold wears quickly vs white "gold" retain the color. I did a reverse image search, found this listing from a reputable seller (aka 3 diamonds hahah) and took a gamble. There's literally no review, and I don't even get to QC because I'm buying direct. I was just SOOOO into this bracelet and just decide to YOLO $60.