Dior Saddle Bag

R Updated September 24, 2018
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Quality – 8.5/10

This bag is very well-made. The material is strong and thick. The stitching is almost blind it is so well-stitched. This Saddle bag has blue Dior Oblique jacquard canvas but I am not sure the leather is actually calfskin leather (-.5), like the authentic. The hardware is in aged gold-tone metal and feels sturdy. The lining is not impressive (-1.0). It is like burlap and not very well-fitted into the bag. You can carry it in your hand or on your shoulder. The dimensions are: 25.5 x 20 x 6.5 cm

Accuracy – 9/10

I compared this to the photographs online of various Dior Saddle bags. I found that none of the patterns on the authentic canvases were aligned from the flap to the base so I was not disturbed that mine was not aligned. The lining on the current authentic bag appears to be an off-white rough material. I did find two older models of the Saddle bag that had blue lining while mine has off-white burlap-ish lining. This link is to a vintage Saddle bag where the monogram print is also different from the present day bag so I cannot conclude that an off-white lining is inaccurate.

I am subtracting a point (-1.0) because I never saw or touched this bag in person so my research is limited to online photographs.

I received a dustbag with the Saddle bag but I cannot compare it to an authentic dustbag and some little paper goods that I can’t find useful.

Seller Feedback and Communication - 10/10

I ordered the bag through Superbuy and requested and paid for 3 extra pictures. They photographed a close-up of the material and a copy of the branding and of course, the measurements of the bag. I was happy with the photographs. I was informed about the 1 month wait for the bag and they kept me posted when I questioned whether it came in yet. I felt the communication was excellent.

Satisfaction - 10/10

While I thought it would be much bigger, I am happy with the size. I should have realized that the photographs on the site were of much smaller women than me. I also had the measurements of the bag from the site and from the measuring table on Superbuy, so I should’ve made an attempt to check this out. I bought the bag for the rare occasion when I go out on the weekends and for that purpose I am entirely satisfied.

Thank you if you made it to this point! Reviews are so satisfying!!