CÉLINE Smooth Lambskin Small Trio

R Updated September 30, 2018
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Materials Review: The bag is leather, which I'm happy about. Another RL mentioned on an OOTD thread that her recent trio from this link was pleather; I'm not sure which color she purchased (keep in mind, this means that each color and batch is different). At that point, this bag was already in my warehouse, and I was trying to return a damaged and meh Soho Disco. I opted to cross my fingers and ship. The leather on this particular bag is very nice. It's not dry, and it's very soft and supple. It's better leather than what I've had on auth Coach and Kate Spade bags. It's similar to the leather on my auth Isabel Marant leather jacket, but it's not as well conditioned or broken in. The whole purse has the pleasing aroma of processed dead cow wrapping. There is no other smell and no factory odors. The stamping is crisp. There are no loose threads. There is a bit of fraying at the end of one of the zippers (see photos). The hardware is metal and consistent in color and finish. The three pouches are consistently shaped and match each other in size and volume. The lining of each pouch is a sort of microfiber material. The strap is bent in several locations due to packaging, so I've hung the bag to help it relax. The zippers are smooth. The zipper pulls are finished nicely.

Accuracy Review: The bag measures 8.75" wide x 6" tall x 1.5" deep; the width is a scant bit too wide, but the height and depth are within the rage of authentic. I bought this specific color of dark grey knowing it isn't a current/recent season color. I do not believe that CÉLINE has released a bag in this shade. In life, it is quite similar to the dark taupe seen on a past season luggage. I went back-and-forth with myself on this versus black versus the lighter grey. I don't need another black bag, and the color transfer possibilities for the light grey led me back to the dark charcoal color that I wanted anyway. As such, this is likely a fantasy bag, but I pity anyone who tries to bag-challenge me in a social setting. The leather is definitely not a delicate lambskin, but it is very fine quality leather with minimal irregularities and a very nice sheen. The hardware is a matte gold and looks very good compared to the bags I handled in CÉLINE and those on TPF. The external stamping looks good; the areas that look irregular in some of the photos are not irregular in person (it's glare/reflection). The internal stamping is consistent in all three pouches and has the same flaws as past Taobao batches including the non-italicized "Made in Italy" stamp.

Packaging Review: The bag did not come with a box. It did come with a dustbag and assorted tags (not attached) and care cards. The dustbag is a thick weave with CÉLINE screenprinted on the front. The dustbag is lined with a fleece-y material. The tags and card cards are pretty standard and a picture is included toward the end of the album. I'm very pleased with the dustbag, and I was pleasantly surprised with the presence of the tag and cards. I'm not factoring the packaging into the bag accuracy rating.

Quality Rating: 8.5/10 for very nice leather, excellent hardware, good stamping, nice dustbag, accouterments (-0.5 for fray at zipper, -0.5 for bent strap due to packaging, -0.5 for overall leather quality)

Accuracy Rating: 0/10 (-10 for conscious color choice) or 7/10 for close measurements, close leather quality, very close hardware, good external stamping, general shape (-1 for width difference of 0.25", -1 for internal stamping inaccuracies, -0.5 for leather quality differences, -0.5 for general shape differences)

Satisfaction Rating: 10/10