Amberley Mulberry Satchel

R Updated September 30, 2018
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Quality of the item: 9/10 -1 See album for two small chips on the hardware. It’s not noticeable unless you’re super up close. Did not see in superbuys potato PSPs.

There’s a bunch of random fluff from the packaging that I have to take off that shows up in the video.

Accuracy of the item: 9.5/10 I’ve looked at the pictures on the website and it seems to be spot on. The leather seems shinier online, but having one authentic Mulberry, the leather is not as shiny IRL

The stamp is clear and not crooked as is the stamp on the inside.

Glazing is neat.

-.5 The only item I would dock is I think the hardware is supposed to be more yellow?

It’s definitely leather, I made my husband smell it LOL, he has as many baseball gloves I have Handbag‘s so I trust when he says yes it’s leather

Satisfaction rating. 10/10. I wanted to wear this cross body but alas I am a fat sister and my boobs and back are too broad so this hits a little high on the hip. No worries though because it looks great on the shoulder and the straps are removable with the grommets aka I can completely put on a different strap if I am so inclined which I am not at this moment.

Communication. N/A dealt with superbuy

Agent rating : 10/10. This is my third order with Superbuy. Maybe their shipping is a little higher, but I like the quality of their service, the way they package my things, and how efficient they are