Gucci Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses with Stars

R August 28, 2018
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288.00 ¥

I purchased 7/30 through Basetao, and eventually shipped with a larger haul via EMS. The Taobao seller shipped right away, and Basetao received the sunglasses a day or two after I submitted for purchase. PSP’s were provided right away once the sunglasses arrived. Their PSPs were great, the images/angles provided covered everything I wanted to see so I didn’t need to ask for any extras. I submitted my haul for shipping 8/6, it was picked up/tracking registered 8/7, and I received it today 8/11 (I'm in NYC). Basetao's UI is generally pretty good, and I find them pretty effortless to work with. My items are always packaged well when I receive them.

Overall Satisfaction: 9/10

First and foremost, my consideration criteria were correct rhinestone placement, correct frame shape, and correct frame/lens color. I was also looking for general quality. Based on those items, I am generally satisfied with the pair I received.

Accuracy: 8/10

I’ve combed over each rhinestone, star, position, etc and compared to photos of the auth online, and I think my rhinestone placement looks pretty good. The GG’s have a few small inaccuracies, the front G should completely overlap the back G on the right side, and the back G should completely overlap on the left side, but mine is backwards—the back G overlaps on the right and the front G overlaps on the left. I consider this minor, you really have to know what you’re looking for to spot this kind of thing. Also I think the GG’s are set in a little too close to the arm, very very slightly, and they are a little too flat instead of rounded. I will also add here there must be some GG variation with auth, because the GG’s interlock on Gucci’s website, but the front G completely overlaps the back G on the Barneys website.

The “Gucci” engraving on the lens is slightly crooked, and it is also the wrong font. This is a little disappointing, but there is so much going on with the rhinestones I think it will visually distract from this inaccuracy lol.

Speaking of rhinestones, if you stick the sunglasses 1in from your face, you can also see the hotfixed rhinestones are a little messy. The placement is great, and # of rhinestones is correct, but there is a messiness factor which I tried to capture in the close up pics. Even though I mention it, this is minor in my opinion because anyone that close to my head will know me well enough to know these aren’t real. From more than 8in away, this isn't as noticeable.

Packaging was acceptable! Gucci inside the hard case is incorrect font, I don’t plan to keep the case though so no worries for me. I was pleasantly surprised to see correct font on the fabric pouch and lint cloth.

Quality: 9/10

The frames are a good quality plastic and they have a real gezunte weight to them. They are solid but not too heavy, it’s the first thing I noticed when I picked them up. Hinges are also solid. The lenses are nice and dark, I don’t have a UV tester or anything so I can’t give quantitative proof but the Taobao store I bought from was an eyeglasses store. This is a totally baseless assumption, but I feel like that probably increases the likelihood these aren’t functionless plastic lenses.