Chanel Coco Crush Ring

redditor October 10, 2018
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78.00 ¥

I bought this ring as a little extra present for my grandma. I remember her looking for a similar ring last year, but she couldn’t find one in her size. I bought the largest size they had and am hoping it will fit her. I thought this ring was unbranded and was surprised when it turned up with a Chanel logo, but I doubt she will care it’s a rep since the purse she normally carries is an “inspired by” that very closely resembles a LV DA print. She used to be a couture seamstress and replicating designs actually wasn’t frowned upon in her time, it was accepted as the nature of the industry and designers themselves encouraged it as a way to popularise and promote their brand.

Quality: 6/10 I haven’t worn this ring since it’s a gift, so it’s a bit difficult to gauge the quality without considering longevity and wear and tear. Considering the price my expectations were low and I was pleasantly surprised. I’d say it’s roughly the same quality as a piece of jewellery from Topshop or H&M.

Accuracy: 5/10 Ok, let’s do this from the inside out. First of all, God know what this ring is made of (-0.5), the auth is real 18k gold. The ring is missing the “©” engraving, as well as the engraved line under the scallops inside (-0.5), and although I believe the Chanel engraving is the right font, it’s definitely too thin compared to the auth (-0.5). The ring is also too thin overall (-1.0). The scalloped edges aren’t nearly as pronounced as the scallops on the auth (-1.0), and I don’t think the engravings are as deep either (-1.0). The colour of the rose gold plating is also more "pink" than the auth (-0.5).

Happiness score: 10/10 I think my grandma will love this. The quality is certainly better than I expected for the price. Accuracy isn’t much of a concern, she won’t care that it’s a rep and designer brands aren’t prevalent where she lives and in her social circle. I believe it will fit her too. It's just a little extra present anyway.